Nasty Gal Wishlist

So I decided to have a wonder around the world wide web for some quirky new fashion as of late I haven’t been able to get away from styles that I find are pretty generic and kind of unoriginal. I love wearing clothes that would otherwise look a little crazy on the hanger but when styled correctly tend to come out looking pretty unique. THIS is when I remembered a website called Nasty Gal which I discovered whilst looking through ** at outfit posts. It has the most incredible range of dresses, skirts, bralets, shoes and a number of other pieces that I continue to struggle not to buy in bulk and to be honest, the prices aren’t as crazy as I would actually expect from the type of fashion they sell.

To help calm my shopping addiction I put together a little wishlist of the items I seem to not be able to be without in the hopes that they will suddenly turn up on my doorstep…


1. Ivory Laced Chiffon Tank – £24.19



















2. Americana Shirt – £81.48



















3. Diamond Ivory Lace Dress – £36.92



















4. Crochet Mint Cross Dress – £43.28



















5. Lilac Romper – £87.84



















6. Avery Mint Lace Dress – £20.37



















7. Desert Rose Dress – £49.65



















8. Fleur Lace Bustier – £24.19



















9. Black Moonstruck Dress – £43.28


















If you want to rummage yourself and find your own little mini-wishlist of items then here’s the link…GO WILD 😉


– Paige x

4 Responses to “Nasty Gal Wishlist”
  1. GraceJorden says:

    i’m in need of the ivory lace chiffon tank!!!

  2. I ordered the Fleur Lace Bustier yesterday! I’m so excited to get it. The UNIF Americana shirt is super cute, but it’s too pricey for me. has a similar one right now for $30USD. I’m not sure if they ship internationally though.

    Great picks! Nasty Gal always has the best stuff. I’ve only ever ordered a few times, but I’ve been very satisfied with my purchases.

    • CollegeGirl says:

      To be honest, that bustier is my favourite item on the wishlist, I can’t wait til pay day so I can buy it! You should do an outfit post with it on and let me know, I’d love to see how it fits!!!

      And I just checked out that website …it has some incredible shoes, such a shame they don’t ship out to the UK. I have close family friends in New York so I might have to get them help me out 😉


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