The Mother of All Skirts

SO, I was flicking through MORE magazine and came across THE mother of all skirts, and I am NOT exaggerating. You know how I know for a fact that this skirt is the ab-so-lute best thing to happen to Topshop since Topshop opened, because there was a four page spread on this incredible skirt. This huge feature had 4 different types of women in shape, size and occupation dressing in this amazingly beautiful piece of fashion, some rocking it with leopard print converse *which I know am on a mission to buy* and others dressing it up with classy stiletto’s. Either way, the skirt came out on top and completely gave every fashionable bone in my body the shivers. It is because of this that I now, must not only purchase the blue that was showcased so perfectly in the feature I saw, but after immediately rushing online to look for a price and a reason not to rush the item into my basket I also feel almost forced to work out some crazy way to make the pink a new addition to my already packed out wardrobe.

LOOK at it and try not to dribble on your keyboard as I almost did…






Now, granted, it isn’t for everyone but I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to burn my money. It’s SO CUTE and tbh, your definitely going to stand out in a crowd in this. It’s £80 of feathery bliss and if your SO intrigued that you have to buy it for yourself, I’m kind enough to share the link with you, however in typical Topshop style the sizes are depleting hastily so you may want to make your mind up kinda quickly!

Happy Shopping!

– Paige x

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