Slogan Sweatshirts

So it seems recently as a result of watching Drakes HYFR *Hell Yeah F***ing Right* video on Youtube repeatedly I have been sucked into this whole OVOXO jumper thing. Watch it,, at your own discretion of course…but there is a clip close to the beginning of the video where you see Drake decked out in this vibrant red sweatshirt with this intense looking gold owl on the front. It represents this festival he holds in toronto, so great for him, but I fell in love with the jumper for some reason.

And now,

I want one. I need one. and it is gradually becoming a must.

I have also now chosen to go out of my way to find several websites where I can delve into countless other slogan printed sweatshirts such as ‘Live Fast Die Young’ and the ever classic ‘Cool Story Bro’. Sadly, I find myself not being able to pull the breaks on this new found addiction. My basket is constantly full and I can’t help attempting to purchase several different colours in one jumper…just in case the one colour in question doesn’t match my outfit that day. Trivial, I know. I’m hoping that this weird jumper fetish isn’t just something I need to talk to someone professional about…hoooowever, in the mean time, please, humour me and take a look at this website, it’s one of the better ones I’ve found. I beg you to try and tell me there isn’t a single sweatshirt you wouldn’t want to buy either proudly in secret. I dare you. <<< I, Dare, You.

This Sweatshirt is a personal favourite of mine.

If you don’t understand the Honey Badger reference, here’s a little help >> …enjoy!
– Paige x


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