American Apparel Gets Me AGAIN

So whilst browsing the internet for some form of random information to read or pointless purchase to make, I accidentally tripped and stumbled upon what I believe to be the most A-MAZING piece of clothing I have yet to see. This incredible item I speak of is the one and only leather skirt from American Apparel, it’s edgy, it’s colourful and it has MY name imprinted all up and down the seam. I fell in love with these skirts pretty much as soon as that stupid ass internet ad flashed knowingly in my face! They have about 8 colours available on the UK online store SO FAR…who knows how many other funky colours or patterns may be in the works. Now, I have to be fair, they are ever so slightly steep on the price front retailing at a pretty hefty £100, but really, can you blame them? It’s real leather, in bright beautiful colours, at the ultimate PERFECT mini  skirt length and would look incredible on pretty much everybody. Plus lets be real here, American Apparel isn’t exactly known for it’s bargains is it?

So, as soon as the funds hit my account, I will hope to buy one of these babies…probably the hot pink. I’m not crazy for pink but I love the vibrancy of the pink in this skirt and it’s okay to have a bit of fun once in a while, it’s when pink floods the crevices of your wardrobe that I begin to have colour withdrawals but it wont get to that, not in my wardrobe anyway.

If I am lucky enough to secure the money for 2 skirts I may even go crazy and get the black as well, even as I sit here typing I can picture TOO many incredible outfits that need that black leather beauty as its focus point to just ignore it and walk away!

You guys can make up your own minds, may I’m  deluded and really these babies are hideous, but to be completely honest, they really aren’t.

– Paige x


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