Sunlight Makes Everything Okay

Today has been a pretty easy going day and I’m glad. I was at work until the early hours of this morning so having today all to myself was perfection, plus the sun beating down on everything with a pulse was also a bonus.

Choosing at outfit for today was always going to be tricky as I’m STILL not that ready to strip it all off as I’ve seen so many do and let it all ‘hang out’ in a sense. I’m saving that pivtol moment in my fashion journey for when the weather here is so sweltering that even my sweat is sweating..I know, what a beautiful image! So after literally creating a pile of mess that some may percieve as clothes on my bed I came to the conclusion that a maxi was my best bet.

I was still sort of reluctant to put on a maxi as I always feel like because of my height and the way I seem to accidentally dress everything up waaaay too much, the chill out dress of the century could end up looking like some inappropriate floor-length ball gown but I bit the bullet and threw on my favourite maxi from the ‘Oh My Love’ concession range in Topshop. I believe it was only like £15 in the sale and I paired it with my new favourite accessory, my skulls and leopard print Primark scarf…I couldn’t help myself.

On my feet I just wore some simple thong sandals that my mum bought from Zara a while back and I inevitably stole away from her. They’re super comfy, let my feet breathe in the heat and are just simple black and tan sandals so no major worries there about my shoes upstaging my maxi…a difficult task anyway being that they were pretty hidden by the hem of the dress but YOU KNOW, could always happen 😉

My earrings are Vivienne Westwoods from the Hervia website and I love love love them to death. The only issue with my beloved Vivs are that, lets me blunt, they are costume jewellery, despite the slightly steep price tag… I know, so when I leave them in the sunlight or wear them in the shower accidentally they tend to look a little faded and panic ensues every time. BUT, they’re still going strong so fingers cross they can hold out for me until I’m ready to purchase another pair at some point in time.




One Response to “Sunlight Makes Everything Okay”
  1. Kinked Slinky says:

    Dress Envy !

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