Red Lips and Leopard Print Scarves


It’s been a while but I am finally back on form with my blogging and I will NEVER neglect this beautiful blog again. SO without further adeau, here’s somethings that have happened that you may find interesting.

So, I’ve almost finished year one of uni, so that’s kinda great. However, I hated the course *print journalism for those who don’t know* and I’m transferring to a new course in September which I’m VERY excited about. This new course being *Fashion Communication and Promotion* the course I wanted to be on in the first place. If you want a little background info on this confusing situation then read my long ass story here >> My Uni Journey.

But moving swiftly on, I’m moving out of my home with my mum and my adorable dog and into Student Accomodation with 5 other lovely people, 2 of which are on my course, *perfect*.

I’ve also started getting the hang of Tumblr and Instagram which has now become an addiction that I just can’t seem to shake, and kinda don’t want to. Look at my Tumblr and let me know what you think 🙂

and FINALLY I’ve been looking to perfect my make-up skills lately through the beautiful wonders of YouTube and more specifically, Jennie Jenkins, make-up, hair extension extraordinaire and I’m beginning to get really into perfecting things I really had no idea about before. If you don’t already know her then check out her YouTube video’s, they’re eye opening for the modern day fashion victim.

Stay in touch, because believe me, there wont be a gap like this again guys.

 – Paige xImage

Scarf – Primark – £4

Necklace – Dorothy Perkins – £6.50

Lipstick – MAC – Russian Red

Lip Liner – MAC – Cherry

2 Responses to “Red Lips and Leopard Print Scarves”
  1. jongje says:

    You are gorgeous!

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