New Season New Outfit

SO! I’ve not posted any of my outfits in suuch a long time that I felt it only right to get back to what I know best…fashion.

This outfit is called, ‘I know its hot but I’m not ready to reveal my bare legs just yet’ and I love it. My arms are out which allows my body all the breeze I need and the legs which claim almost 80% of my body are covered…for now.

These riding pants I’ve worn many times but I love them, so I will not stop wearing them.. ever. They were from American Apparal and were around £62, I know, kinda pricey, but really worth the investment. My scarf you may recognise from my previous post, I used it as a headscarf, CREATIVE I know, I’ll probably do a video on how I did it as it is quite a big scarf and was pretty challenging at times but anyway, it was £4 from Primark *I know, I was shocked too* and I love it more than any other scarf I have lying around my black hole of a room right now.

My top was also from Primark, I’ve done well with them this past week and have bought QUITE a few things, and it was literally only £3…crazy, it’s like a faded stars and stripes type print, which I’m obsessed with anyway, and it looks so much more expensive than what it was. Such a good buy.

My bad ass spiked bracelet was from Topshop in the sale and I am so sorry but I really cannot remember how much. Knowing Topshop, they have amazingly cheap jewellery sales throughout the year so I can imagine it probably would have been like £3 or £4 give or take. My necklace which I have barely taken off since I bought it is from Dorothy Perkins and although it retails at £6.50 I managed to grab it in the sale the other week for half the price :D…it’s been a good week for bargain buying.

Finally my leather sandals are from River Island, but again, I bought these such a long time ago now, sometime last summer or even possibly the summer before that, that I honestly don’t remember how much they were. Sorry guys. But you can usually get similar ones on the high-street for around £50, and they are a really good buy, they look almost new and last summer I wore these babies out like crazy. Seriously well made shoes.

So that’s pretty much all my outfit, I’ll make sure I keep you guys updated on everything from my the shoes on my feet to the blush on my cheeks but I have an exam to rush off to and should probably think about getting going ;).

– Paige x










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