Red Skirts and Black Bows



I recently noticed I hadn’t yet played with the concept of bows and ribbons which is MADNESS because I love the idea of having a bow-tie as a woman, it makes outfits look so chic and stylish. I’ve seen countless pictures of the Kardashians rocking the type of bow/ribbon that I’ve attempted to construct in this look myself and felt inspired to begin to use it much more as I LOVE what it did to my overall look! I found a random ribbon in my jewelry box that I’ve seen floating around my room for a while and simply ignored and looked for a blouse or shirt that I have that buttoned right up to the neck to pair with it.



The shirt I chose, after about 10 minutes of scouting through my once tidy wardrobe, was a neutral, beige cap sleeve shirt from Topshop’s Boutique brand which I adore! I have to admit at first the colour…or more the lack OF, did geniuinly put me off, but after wearing it countless times with various different colours, shades and patterns I came to terms with the fact that the neutral shade of the shirt acts as a simple base for other crazy pieces I love to play with so it worked out for the best! I don’t really remember how much it was exactly but I believe it was around £30 – 50 and it’s worth the money, I adore almost EVERYTHING from Boutique so my now undying love for this shirt came as no shock.

My skirt you have seen before in my previous looks, probably not on here but definatley on LOOKBOOK.NU and I am also in love with it, it was in the sale at Zara for basically like half price, I think if I remember correctly it was £15.99 and worth every penny again. It’s made so well, and it’s crazily heavy, also, the colour is such a vibrant red that it put’s this unique boldness into every outfit…aarggh I love it!


And last but not least my shoeees, oh my beloved shoeeees, they are beautiful aren’t they? These tribal beauties are one of my proudest buys, they were from Office Shoes and were £80 of money I will never regret spending. They inject this quirkiness, which is what I am aaaalll about, that you couldn’t get from a pair of courts.

5 Responses to “Red Skirts and Black Bows”
  1. memoir mode says:

    I love this look, you look fab xx

  2. ure right! this outfit is totally chic! and i love ur shoes!

  3. I like the way this is kind of school girl inspired but then you mix it up with those killer shoes.

    ❤ Rachel

  4. Amanda says:

    Love this look! U are gorgeous!

  5. mrfashion says:

    I like all your accessories. You look just like schoolgirl in that cool red skirt. Everybody go to this website for fashion clothing.

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