Best Dressed 2011 Emmys

This year the fashion present at the 2011 Prime Time Emmys was some of the best, and unfortunately worst, that I’ve seen in a loooong time! People were really coming out with a real bang bringing back that same excitement reminiscent of Old Hollywood Premiers and Awards of a previous time,  and I loved it! I’ve decided to choose my absolute FAVES from the hoard of sitcom stars and display them proudly on this post in hopes that they will see how much I approved (because, yes, all celebrities obviously read my blog) and stay equally chic at the next big event…juuust to keep me happy ;).

SO, first we have Californian born Actress, or if I’m being politically correct, Actor, *discrimination doesn’t live on this blog!* Elisabeth Moss, who harbours a hilarious sense of humour and it would seem, a coveted eye for fashion! *or a highly paid stylist* Elisabeth emulates in MY opinion, what these huge awards shows are all about….beauty, glamour, and maybe the promise of an award or two which is communicated in her natural, but confident smile. That dress looks beautiful on her incredible shape,  sculpting out her hips, bust and from what I can imagine, bootaay, BUT, with some serious class making it more feminine than femme fatale. I do have to add that although Elisabeth DOES look amazing in this elegant Marchesa gown, I was a little shocked that she was wearing it as earlier on, on the Red Carpet,  Miss Osbourne clearly stated Marchesa was only dressing one person, Lea Michele, this year and that she wasn’t allowed to pull any dresses for the occasion herself… awkward much?

My next favourite look of the night was Gwyneth Paltrow in this incredibly stunning dress by Emilio Pucci. Although at first I was a little sceptical about her midriff being all out like that, I realised that behind the veil laid what I perceived to be some serious abdominal muscles and I  began to calm down, if you’ve got it flaunt it right? The detail on this dress is so hauntingly beautiful I can’t stand it and even though I  have to say I am not a major fan of wearing black to red carpet events *I feel like there are too many beautiful colours in the rainbow to resort to a mere shade* she is rocking this look and it’s pretty much 90% see-through anyway so technically it’s black and tan!

And last but my no means least is the mesmerizing Nina Dobrev in this red gown by Donna Karen…there are LIT – ER – ALLY no words to describe how incredible she looks. The hair was simple yet effective, the choker was small yet extremely glamorous and the dress…oooooooh the dress, had me GUSHING about her pretty much all day to anybody who would listen. For me Nina most DEFINATELY stole the show at the Emmys, this whole look was just the image of perfection and among so many Ladies in Red who walked the red carpet that night, Nina rocked this one the best by far!



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