2011 Emmys, Who Wore It Better? Ladies in Red

I spent last night sat at home watching the Prime Time Emmy’s on E! and after seeing the best and the very worst dressed, I can’t help but to wake up this morning and be as truthful about what I saw as I could! I noticed a few do’s and don’ts but I’m curious if I’m alone in my thinking, so what do you guys think of these Ladies In Red?

For me, I found Lea’s dress a leaving a little to be desired as chic as it may have looked. I thought Kate’s figure was sculpted out beautifully in her structured dress, Nina, Kerry and Giuliana skin tones make their red dresses look so incredibly exotic with Kerry really wowing with the shimmering textures in her gown and I felt Adrianne looked real old hollywood with a modern twist in the form of a risqué slit, which I thought really suited the dress…but in all honesty, who DID wear it better?

WHO:  Adrienne Palicki

Although there were countless celebrities that were all rocking dramatic shades of red quite well last night, including Lea Michele, Kate Winslet and Kerry washington, I did feel as if it was a colour that HAD to have been anticipated by the stylists surely, and honestly as much as it should have been anticipated it really could have also been avoided.

WHO: Lea Michele

WHO: Nina Dobrev

Such strong reds on a red carpet can have that awful overkill affect, luckily the dresses designs, the cuts, the fits, and the rest of the overall looks including hair, makeup, jewelry and shoes rounded off what could potentially have been several red carpert disasters.

WHO: Giuliana Rancic

WHO: Kate Winslet

WHO: Kerry Washington

Images courtesy of Style Bistro

2 Responses to “2011 Emmys, Who Wore It Better? Ladies in Red”
  1. Jennifer says:

    Love the colour! These dresses are amazing! Jen xoxo http://mystylisticlife.wordpress.com

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