Skulls and Crosses



I love playing around with skulls and crosses, it feels so intense!! I love everything about Madonna’s sense of fashion especially in her ‘Like a Virgin’ video and I kinda feel like I’m channelling that vibe in this look. I’ve been looking for some form of corset/bralet to create a look like this but until today I had NO luck what-so-ever, so now it would seem that my luck was in as I found this beauty in Topshop for *drumroll* 3 pounds!!! Shock horror, I know, in the sale, £3…it’s CRAZY! Now, granted this isn’t a corset persaaaay, it’s a corset dress/slip thing, I am preeetty sure it’s an undergarment but I don’t see anything wrong with wearing your underwear as outerwear, within reason of course…

The scarf and necklace are from some pieces I was selling a while back. If you are interested in buying any I may have one or two left but I don’t know so email quick if you do! The scarf is amazing, it’s totally in dedication to the late Alexander McQueen, his skull scarves were so edgy, love them! My ring was £8 from ASOS and I wear it all the time, I think I may have about 3 posts wearing sad! My skirt was a MAJOR bargain from Zara’s sale thats just passed, it was reduced from like £35 to £14.99, I know, big savings right there!

These badboys were from Kurt Geiger or, Nine West, sorry, but I bought them from Kurt’s online store. They are so comfortable and look great with everything and I mean EVERYTHING. They are also not AS high as they may look, I love them! The only thing is that my ankle looks super skinny in them, but I don’t know if my ankle filling up the gaps would be much better so I guess I’ll just be happy with the legs I have!

3 Responses to “Skulls and Crosses”
  1. i love that corset top and red skirt! lovely outfit!!

  2. Amy says:

    This really is a sweet outfit! Love how it kicks butt in places but is really demure (with the lace bustier) in others! Adorable blog! Would you like to follow each other?

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