It’s New Fur and I’m Feeling Foxy!

I cannot remember where I read this but I swear it was a credible source, and appaaaarently this A/W 2011 Faux Fox Fur is in and luckily for ME I came across the most beautiful Faux Fox Fur coat today in House of Fraser. It was in the sale reduced from £75 to £50 and it is so warm, soft and diva-esque, if that’s even a word. It looks, in my opinion, incredible on and would be so perfect for London Fashion Week which is fast approaching and as newly appointed Fashion Editor of Blood, Sweat and Fashion magazine I need to be looking to really set the standard and make an impression on the industry in a BIG way. However, this purchase is not yet set in stone, tags and receipt are all still in towe, as I cannot decide whether I want this coat or a chic chocolate Faux Fur coat from Topshop that I simply adore, hard times!


I love them both but I honestly am stuck as to which one to call my own. On one hand there is this ball of Faux Fox Furry madness that I can’t seem to put down, it was the last one left on the fixture and was reduced…always a plus, and then on the other there is this beaaautiful chocoloate brown Faux Fur coat that would look so lovely on and looks equally as cosy. I have to admit, one downside that continues to plague my choices in fashion is the concept of buying anything remotely popular from Topshop, there is this unspoken understanding that all Topshop lovers must grasp, that there WILL be another 50 girls walking around with that said same coat, bag, shoe or hat and there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it. This painful, but irritatingly true fact kind of makes me yearn for the sweat release of Faux Fox Fur even more…



Okay, so I’m thinking that the best way to figure out what decision I should make is to post it on the blog and hope for some form of USEFUL response, a comment, a suggestion, even a query, I really don’t mind, I just need to make sure I select the right coat and I need to make sure I select it NOW before I hastily rip the tags from this coats bosom and foolishly cast the receipt aside. Here is the link to the current coats competition, alliterary linguistics not intended,, so you can see the dilemma in which I have found myself and I am praying someone out there will know what to do better than I!






I reaaally don’t think this is my coat, but after a good half hour of searching for a clear photo of it on the House of Fraser website and a pure loss of will power I kind of gave up and am currently happy settling for second best just to show you what this wonderful furry beauty looks like without the shoddy late night camera skills of my willing and poorly skilled other half. Picture this coat, but bigger, poofier and a bit more silvery with whiter tones …


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