Safari Anyone?

When it comes to ‘Tribal’ fashion I love playing around with an overload of colours and patterns, it’s the best and sometimes the only way to truly pull a look like this off. I love how crazy you can go with animal prints, from Leopard printed clutches courtesy of H&M to Tribal Strappy Heels from Office Shoes, everything you throw together just seems to work for this look! I can’t get enough of this oversized floppy hat from Aldo, it has a little feather on the back which is difficult to see in this image but just adds an aire of old glamour to an otherwise fairly simple hat.


I’ve gushed about my beads more than enough, if you hadn’t read my prior post California Cool then I’ll just shorten it and let you know that they are from a very close friend and mean alot to me. My dress was an impulse buy, as many of them are, from French Connection and I absolutely love it. I don’t think the print is meant to be a form of zebra print but it looked so much like it I couldn’t resist throwing into my tribal fashion pot.


One Response to “Safari Anyone?”
  1. Love this look! You look great!

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