California Cool

I loved wearing this outfit! The white high-waisted trousers were so heavy and well made and the striped light blue shirt and wedges made me feel so ‘Californian’ hence the title of the post. My shirt was stolen from my mums wardrobe which I believe was from TK Maxx and looked great contrasting with the vibrant red of my hair and my beads added an element of culture and sentiment to my look which is always a lovely way to finish off an outfit in my opinion.

White High-Waisted Trousers – Topshop – £30

Blue and White Striped Shirt – TK Maxx – (don’t remember…sorry!)

Black Suede Sandal Wedges – Topshop – £70

Beaded Bracelet – India – Priceless

These babies are a recent purchase from Topshop, today actually! They were £70 and are now reduced to £40, plus with my staff discount, (because I work for Dorothy Perkins which is part of the Arcadia Group), I got 25% off as well…bargain isn’t the word! I was so ecstatic when I saw them sat there and even more so when I saw the most beautiful number, 41, engraved on the back. It was a good day for me…although they are extremely high they are reasonably comfortable and to be completely honest, I’d still rock them everywhere even if they weren’t!


Mind Full of Glitter, who bought them for me from India. They are so special to me and I love them for their sentiment and how fashionable they are, plus they look DAMN good with every and I mean EVERY outfit I throw together. They’re amazing. The best thing about these beads is when people ask me where they are from, clearly with the agenda of going out and buying them for themselves only discover they actually can’t go and buy one from the nearest Primark or H&M, and that unless they were looking to purchase a ticket half-way across the world, they weren’t getting them! *Smug Grin*

10 Responses to “California Cool”
  1. Dom says:

    Love this look. I love the high-waisted trousers. The look so fresh and sophisticated. Especially worn with the pin striped blouse. Gosh, you’re dressed so smartly.

  2. bonkasaurus says:

    This is such a cute outfit. It is both laid back and sophisticated at the same time.

    I love telling people I got my clothes from another country 🙂 because then they are like, “oh, of course you had to get it from there.” It makes me feel special haha

    -Bianca at

  3. Nancie says:

    i love this look! effortless cool!

  4. the white pants and stripey top is so fresh love your look!


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