Gypsy Girl Glamour

Gypsy Girl Glamour is all about feeling free enough to do whatever you want with your fashion without boundaries or limitations. Mix your prints with your polka and clash your blues with your greens, if it feels good to you then it’s good enough for everyone else…

I got this strapless playsuit from Miss Selfridge under the Blue Rinse concession which I love, it’s pure vintage heaven and each playsuit is one of a kind! And as I’m sure your all pondering, I simply paired the skirt over the top of the playsuit in between the waist, you’ve got to work with what you’ve got, it’s not all about buying new fashion and spending money you just don’t have! Then there’s my pleated midi skirt which is a personal favorite of mine from Topshop and it’s THE most beautiful electric blue. My heels were an impulse purchase from Dorothy Perkins from my beloved other half and are so versatile, they work with pretty much every outfit and because of the buckles and straps are super comfy and strap my shoes in super tight! Finally, my beautiful little sequined purse is a vintage buy from a second hand shop that I found a very long time ago and although it can barely fit my keys and my lipstick it’s super cute with pretty much every outfit!

3 Responses to “Gypsy Girl Glamour”
  1. bonkasaurus says:

    This outfit is too cute! your shoes are awesome too, are they wedges?

    -Bianca at

  2. i love this whole look! amazing work pairing the top of the playsuit with the skirt!nice!


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