LOOK, over here!

Out of the hoards of fashion-conscious bloggers all fighting for a place on that infamous LOOK show front row… why choose me?

It would seem that while some flourish in algebraic formulae, and others thrive amongst complex scientific theory, my talent has and will always reside in my ability to write, with my love staying forever loyal to Fashion.

I perceive Fashion to be more than just pieces of material hanging from a rack; it could be the fresh Monsoon florals adorning the pages of LOOK leading us all into a new exciting season, or the restoration of tailored flares and thick-heeled platforms, reminiscent of the street parties and liberation of another time. I believe that how we look, from the layers in our hair to the sequins on our purse, mirrors our persona, exposing who we are and who we aspire to be on the inside, to the world watching on the outside.

It’s this belief that has undeniably lead me to this amazing competition, allowing me to see myself on the front row, *pause for breath* blogging with the best of the best in the presence of the people who work for the magazine that shapes and inspires my choices in fashion every single week. To win this competition would be something I couldn’t have thought possible so early in my life as a blogger, to attempt to describe it would simply do my true feelings an injustice. With endless celebrities vying for a coveted invite themselves and so many incredible high-street brands bursting out onto the catwalk, I really couldn’t picture myself being anywhere else on the 17th of September. The energetic buzz of fashion crowds, the murmur of industry members, editors and PR’s alike all awaiting a new season to unfold before their eyes,  even just imagining it all makes me yearn for this so much more. From French Connection to Forever 21, brands I have always loved, The LOOK show is set to be the event of the year yet again, and to not even try to be a part of it would be such a crime in itself.



Bloggers Oath

With my trusty Canon in hand, my heavy-duty tote and my dangerously high heels, in typical blogger style of course, I would promise *currently crossing my heart* to work harder than I’ve ever worked to make that front row, that sought after 5th seat, feel like home. From networking with my fellow bloggers, and anyone with a canapé, to flashing the newest unseen runway trends playing out in front of me, I would aim to fufill my innate blogger duties and make the most of an experience that has the potential to change it all.

I solemnly swear, if chosen, that I will help bring the LOOK show to life.



Heres hoping boys and girls, wish me luck!

College Girl


Follow me @College__Girl and learn more about this amazing opportunity on LOOK’s website http://www.look.co.uk/fashion/calling-all-bloggers-look%E2%80%99s-blogging-competition-is-back

3 Responses to “LOOK, over here!”
  1. Pepper says:

    Brilliant post. I wish you luck with this competition, you honestly are a very passionate young lady and deserve a chance like this. Throughout reading, all I said to myself was, ‘wow she’s good.’

  2. Bckls says:

    luv your hair color.

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