Summer Never Felt So Good

Today the sun was beaming and I felt that after weeks of drab, cold winter-like weather summer had finally arrived, bringing with it some a happy atmosphere and breathing new found life into my, almost forgotten, summer wardrobe! I cast my jeans, my leggings and even my maxi skirts aside to reveal my lengthly legs and catch some much needed rays!




I found this beautiful vintage sequin bag in the bottom of one of the many drawers in my mothers room, she has the most amazing collection of clothes and accessories, I’m always rummaging through her things. The skirt was an impulse buy from H&M and at £4.99 can you really blame me? The shoes are THE most comfortable shoes ever from New Look, not too high, not too low and the straps are perfect for when the weather is hot to give our little piggies some breathing space.




The white bandeu is another impulse buy from Topshop at £8 and I love the crotchet material, so pretty and looks lovely on and finally my bib, my beautiful, beautiful bib, it was in the Dorothy Perkins sale in the Ribbon and Asher concession and its amazing. I have talked about bibs before and how much I love them but I had yet to actually buy my own bib, after a full day at work, I couldn’t help but have a quick browse in the jewellery section and I immediatley fell in love. It was, to my knowledge, the last one there and it was basically crying out for an owner, for me. It looks great with a plain white tee or even bandeu as you can see and it would really brighten up a potentially boring dress with no neck embellishments or detail. Best buy yet!



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