In Nike We Trust

On a recent trip to London I couldn’t help but take a painfully stuffy underground ride to the infamous Oxford Circus to have a ‘quick browse’ in the monstrously huge Topshop that lives there. Turns out, I made a pretty silly decision as I somehow managed to leave the shop over £80 poorer than when I went in and at a loss of about 2 hours of my day. Typical. My reasons…or more my excuses are that it is much larger than I remember and much more wonderous than I could have ever imagined. The bottom floor harbours countless brands and concessions including Office, (where I bought my flourescent babies) Kurt Geiger, Motel, Love, Jones and Jones and so many others that I had never even heard of but fell equally if not deeper in love with almost immediately upon sight. Then as if that wasn’t enough Mr Phillip Green decided it was suitable to incorporate a hair salon, nail bar and food court for those of us poor souls already sucked into the living expense that is Topshop! As you progress higher and higher up the mega-store you find rails and rails of fully stocked fixtures, scalloped vests, colourful brights, quirky prints, maxi gowns, ra-ra skirts, slogan tees and the dreaded SALE which drew in what I believe could potentially  have been thousands of fashion-crazed individuals. There was even a sweet store equipped with pix and mix and weighing scales, a make-up section with a makeup artist at the ready for consultations and advice and so many different jewellery brands it was admittedly little daunting. Taking a look around the Oxford Circus Topshop has developed into this amazing shopping experience, you could enter and end up leaving with a complete new outfit, fresh colourful highlights and a funky new mani-pedi to boot!

My advice? Take a long weekend out, re-mortage the house, sell the car and take a trip down to Oxford Circus. Trust me, you will not regret it.



Straw Hat – Jack Jones – £12

Denim Jacket – Vintage

Aztec Vest – Dorothy Perkins – £12

Leather Look Leggings – Topshop – (completely forgotten the price)

flourescent Blue Hi-Tops – Nike in Office – £75#

Shoulder Bag – Thrifted

Cross Ring – ASOS – £8

YEAH Necklace – Me and Zena – £22








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