Low and Behold my FIRST ‘SET’!

SO, as I said I would do, I have finally created a my first look, collage, ‘set’ whatever you want to call it, I made one. Woop for me! I have to say it did take a while to find a muse to help me create the look. I needed something that would inspire my fashion juices, or in this case someONE. Kourtney Kardashian has always, for me, been the most stylish out of the 3 Kardashian sisters. Where Kim and Khloe have a more generically ‘American’ look, big hooped earrings, boot-legged jeans and tight tank tops, I’ve always found the oldest Kardashian to flaunt her fashion in a much more daring and unique way reminiscent of catwalks of Milan, Paris and New York. With her chic, understated fashion sense I really couldn’t think of a better muse for my first collage and I have to say I think it turned out quite well!

I loved her blazer, something I plan on buying in the next few weeks and it looks great paired with light denim flares. Although I really took to her understated accessories, I did decide to pair the nude camisole with a gold Givenchy pendant, something I would have definitely worn myself. I mean, to be honest, isn’t that what personal style and flare is really all about, taking fashion and interpreting it in your own way? I really enjoyed making this collage and plan on making a ridiculous amount of them over the summer months but I’ve decided that I will also try and review the two websites I tend to go to, to create them to determine which is most useful, Polyvore or Shopstyle. At the moment, even though this current collage was made on Shopstyle I am actually more in favor of Polyvore due to the images it uses being masked out and having a transparent background. By having a transparent backdrop, it makes placing images over eachother much easier and more visually appealing. I have to say I would advise you to try some of your own, even if you don’t show anyone, just for your own enjoyment, try it. They are really a lot of fun to make and get you creatively fuelled!


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