2nd Look, Featuring…ME!

I’m really getting into this whole creating looks thing. It’s creative, fun and after you get the hang of it is very quick to do… After, what I perceived to be the ‘success’ of my previous Kourtney Kardashian set on ShopStyle I decided why not try and channel that same creative flare with my very own outfit,  who better to judge me than me right!? So, I figured I would use my Blue Jeans and Floppy Hats outfit to re-create the look on Polyvore.

Blue Jeans and Floppy Hats

Click this link to see my collage on Polyvore, as well as many others, and to even get involved yourself! http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=2588964

As I anticipated, it was much easier to use Polyvore, and overall turned out looking much better, I think, than the collage I did around Kourntey Kardashian’s outfit on ShopStyle. Also, they have alot more templates, potential items and garments to use in your set making it all the more fun!


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