Bye, Bye Jane…

It would seem that the fashion outlet, Jane Norman has reached its final hurdle, and not to be cold but I think it’s about time. Jane Norman has been a presence in fashion since 1952 and granted, has clothed countless 16 – 25-year-old women in figure hugging cotton and thigh-length mini’s. However, as our economic climate becomes more and more dire and their target audiences’ choices in fashion develop into something much edgier than I’m sure they anticipated it would, it seems that there is no longer any room on the High-Street for Miss Norman. Today marks the day that the retailer goes into administration, closing a massive 90 of it’s UK stores with their debts at an unfathomable high of £140 million. My main issue with Jane Norman would have to be the way they look to dress their core customer, but I find this to be somewhat of a personal matter, I just feel that as the High-Street continues to flourish with various amazing pieces from tailored Zara blouses to risqué Topshop leather, Norman seems to be stuck in its fashion evolution. So, from the bottom of my heart…I wave bye, bye to Jane Norman…hopefully for good!



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