Being the Next Style Correspondent…

Hi Guys! I’ve reached the 2nd round of the Next Style Correspondent competition on facebook and as part of my 2nd task have written a 250 word piece about why I want to be a finalist. Simply click the link below, click Gallery, and scroll until you find my picture to see and read my entry, alternatively you can read it in full below the link. I would also love your support by liking my picture on facebook. Feel free to let me know how it reads, via blog post comments and let me know if you like it!

Happy Reading…

Some flourish in algebraic formulae, whilst others thrive amongst complex scientific theory. For me, my talent resides in my ability to write, with my love staying forever loyal to Fashion. 

Many have an appreciation for Fashion, but I deem my personal outlook and interpretation of it to be the element of myself truly setting me apart from countless others. I perceive Fashion to be more than just pieces material hanging from a rack; it could be the fresh Erdem florals adorning the pages of ELLE leading us into a new season, or the restoration of tailored flares and thick-heeled platforms, reminiscent of the street parties and liberation of another time.

Fashion could even signify the dawn of a new era, a modern generation of skinny jeans and graphic tees. I believe that how we look, from the bangs in our hair to the tassles on our purse, mirrors our persona, exposing who we are and who we aspire to be on the inside, to the world watching on the outside.

It’s this belief that has undeniably lead me to this competition, allowing me to think the unthinkable. With the aid of my trusty Nokia N8 I would do what others only dream of. I’ll operate my Recorder to delve deep into the minds of designers; I’ll use every one of my 12 megapixels, capturing everything from the style from the street to collections on the catwalk, and if chosen, promise that I will bring New York Fashion Week to life.




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