Blue Jeans and Floppy Hats

I have never been one to wear coloured skinny jeans. Don’t ask me why, I just have never felt that compelled to indulge in anything other than denim, Acid Wash Denim, Indigo Denim but Denim all the same. So imagine my surprise when whilst working a shift at work last Saturday I was plagued with this unruly urge to purchase some skinny jeans drenched in the brightest shade of blue I’ve ever seen on a pair of jeans in my life. They were so vivid and enticing on the fixture that I sort of HAD to pick them up. Now, I have to confess I did put them aside for a few days, a little weary of how they would look on but after eyeing them up for a few days, picturing countless potential outfits I really couldn’t help myself. I also bought this new hat from Aldo for £23, which I love. I have been looking for a dynamic hat that really suits me for the longest time, no hat is ever quite right, this hat is by far the most dramatic I’ve ever bought and it’s even got a little feather on the back, a feather which is hidden in this image…sorry guys!

Floppy Hat – Aldo – £23

Bandeu Bube Tube – Topshop – £8

Over-sized Gold Chain – Topshop – £15

Over-sized Slogan Vest – Ark Clothing – £23

Bright Blue Skinny Jeans – Dorothy Perkins – £35

Burren Black Peep-Toe Boots – Nine West at Kurt Geiger – £145


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