It’s okay to smile…

Lately, I’ve noticed something very intriguing about us Fashion Bloggers. Over the past few years as blogging as become an online phenomena, it’s clear to me that we have developed this unvoiced criteria of what faces we should pull and what ways we should pose and you spot them in almost every fashion blog on the world-wide web, including my own. There are so many different ways we as humans have created to pose in photos, however bloggers have zoned in on a very selective few; the classic sideward lean, legs crossed arm hanging, the much-loved ‘blurred shot’ you also tend to see in editorials and campaigns, where you stand clear as day whilst the world around you melts together in a theatrical blur. Of all of our chosen poses it became apparent that there was one pose that we have ruthlessly cast aside and forgotten.

Can anyone say cheese?

Yes…SMILING. I miss the good old days where we could smile and not feel we look ridiculously juvenile or even worst…happy!! It seems that of late the newest fashion trend to catch the blogging community is not vivid neon brights or espadrille wedges like the industry would have us believe, but broodiness, the look of being too cool and indie to care, well today I took a stand. Today, I smiled. It was a nice day, I really liked my outfit and I to be completely honest was just having a great day in general, so I did the unthinkable, and I proudly exposed my pearly whites (pearly being used loosely). I can report that it wasn’t difficult, it wasn’t painful and to be in an odd way brightened up my outfit somehow.

I think if todays sun-drenched skyline and productive activities have taught me anything, it’s that contrary to prior blogger belief…it is okay to smile!


Blazer – H&M – £19.99

Vest – H&M – £3.99

Cropped Trousers – Dorothy Perkins – £30

Belt – From French Connection Dress – Dress was £47

Heels – Office Shoes – £80

3 Gold Rings – Primark – £2

Mixed Selection of Bracelets:

Shiny Dark Pearly Beads – Topshop – £3.00

Small Wooden Beads and Bangle – H&M – £3.99

Golden Mini Eiffel Tower Beads – College Girl Fashion ( ) £5



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