Bye Bye Beverly Hills, Hello Teen Vogue

So what happens when the one and only Annie Wilson or as her fanbase and family call her Shenae Grimes from my ultimate tv crush 90210, grabs herself a coveted internship position at Teen Vogue? I go green with envy and blog my sorrows, that’s what! Although Grimes wasn’t necessarily working under typically trying internship conditions, say running around with hot, dangerous coffee or photocopying countless loose sheets of A4, I do still have to give the girl some serious props! Working in the entertainment industry, whether its acting, singing or just, it would seem, breathing…*cough**cough*Paris Hilton, it’s a glamorous lifestyle many find difficult to pull away from, so to make such a bold step and take a break from all that to pursue a passion that’s resonates a little deeper than empty camera flashes and cushy red carpets is extremely admirable. I myself will be looking to apply for an internship with Teen Vogue for next summer and I have to be honest, regardless of the unconventional way in which her internship was obtained, Shenae continues to make my goal of running myself ragged for fashion writers and editors alike, all the more clear to me. The bubbly 90210 star has also been documenting her exciting new fashion journey on her website,, and is even lucky enough to be guest blogging for the magazine as well! I’m actually a huge fan of her daily Teen Vogue attire, it’s understated, chic and a little quirky, the way I feel most fashionable teens should aspire to dress and it’s miles away from that typical hollywood glamour that we all love to see celebrities wearing on their day-to-day ‘errands’. To take a look at what Shenae has been rocking to her internship so far go ahead and read her posts yourself!

All I can say is CONGRATS SHENAE and College Girl wishes you all the best on all your fashion endeavours!

Shenae Grime Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic




One Response to “Bye Bye Beverly Hills, Hello Teen Vogue”
  1. I’m also in love with 90210 and G.G. my fave gal from 90210 is Ivy, But Annie grabs my attention at times. Fave G.G gal is Serena, and a bit of Blair when attending church. I haven’t really been watching G.G much anymore only because everyone is hooking up over and over with each other it’s tiring. And the schemes aren’t as juicy as before. What do you think?

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