A New Mad Hatter’s In Town…

I know I’ve recently been a little MIA but I assure you, only a couple more weeks until I’m free of all exams and stress. Until that beautiful moment I will throw random posts out here and there to keep you guys relatively happy and to be honest, to keep my sanity. So, the real fashion issue I’ve been dealing with the past few months, whilst I’m not fist-deep in literature and psychological theorists of course, is hats! Hats have been driving me ab-so-lut-ley crazy, Top hat or Trilby, Fedora or Boater indecision has never been so painful. THEN, when I finally make the unbelievably difficult decision on which hat to settle on, what happens, this one in a million accessory doesn’t fit my apparent oversized head. For the past couple of weeks I have to say I did admit defeat, refusing to even glance at a potentially stylish hat in passing. However, in a recent issue of Company magazine, after gawping at a whole page of cheap fashionable hats, I found myself yearning for the comfort of a chic, short-brimmed Fedora. It was then and only then that I felt I should give the hat thing another try but this time I should look, I mean really look, for my actual one-in-a-million hat. I suppose looking back, I spent more time ‘browsing’, hoping that on one of my many spontaneous shopping trips I would simply stumble upon the perfect hat, juvenile I know. I never really went shopping with the sole intention of finding a hat, but maybe that was where I was going wrong.

So, I’ve been on a mad search to find THE perfect hat and here are some of my favorites…so far

ASOS Wide Brim Camel coloured Fedora-Style Hat, £25 http://bit.ly/jnecYj

VANS Straw Feather Boater (Mens), £22.50 http://bit.ly/mjJHQY

New Look Tie Trim Trilby, £4.99 http://bit.ly/lPpFNK

John Lewis Pachacuti Spiral Caramel Fedora Hat, £47.75 http://bit.ly/kqpwwg

French Connection Black Buckled Trilby, £40 reduced to £20, http://bit.ly/lMrSWO

F&F at Tesco White Panama Hat, (Mens), £8.00 http://bit.ly/kqd21l

Jigsaw Preppy Stripe Ribbon Straw Trilby, £46 http://bit.ly/k6Y9Rr

Very Woven Fedora Hat, £15 http://bit.ly/la3Ofy

Matalan Ditsy Trim Fedora, £6.00 http://bit.ly/ji2LCM

Liberty Sewn Stingy Fedora Hat £60.00 http://bit.ly/mo5OEW


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