Just Me and my MAC!

After trawling through countless youtube video’s with women showing me how to create the perfect ‘Kim K’ curls or how to apply that coveted smoky eye, I found various different tutorials on how to create the most dynamic brow and became slightly obsessed… After almost an hour trying to pluck, line and more specifically ‘tame’ my brows I finally was able to get that defined brow look. Ecstatic wasn’t the word. I then decided to try and perfect the rest of my currently average make up skills, starting with my MAC NC45 Foundation, and ending with my Ted Baker Lip Plumping Gloss that I got from a friend of my mums who claims to have had no use for it…crazy woman. As makeup was something I’d never spent that much time perfecting, it felt nice to give my make-up application a little TLC rather than just my wardrobe, after all, Fashion is more than just the clothes on our backs, it’s everything that comes with it, including hair and beauty. Oh, and just FYI, I was bold enough to do some before and after shots so please, no yelps or whimpers at my makeupless face and another thing…I am wearing a bube tube underneath but have really just noticed how much it doesn’t look that way so just to clarify, I’m not in the nude beneath my jumper which is from H&M by the way, £13.99, it’s just awkwardly sagging…

Foundation – Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation – MAC – £22.50 or £23 (In-Store Price)

Concealer – Pro Longwear Concealer – MAC – £13.50

Bourjois Blusher – Chestnut Blush – Boots – £6.99

Mascara – False Lashes –  MAC – £17.50

Eyebrow Pencil – Colour Stud – MAC – £11.50

Brow FinisherMAC – £11.50

Lip PlumperTed Baker – FREE 🙂

EcoTools Eye Shadow BrushBoots – £5.61

Kabuki BrushTopshop – £8.00

Blusher BrushBoots – £3.00



 I went for a natural every day look. This is what I would usually wear to college unless I’m rocking some sort of all black and leather outfit, in which case a little Ebony Eye Pencil, courtesy of MAC of course, may make an appearance. I love the way the dark, definition of the eyebrows adds to the overall success of the look, it also brings attention to my eyes which is framed by bold eyelashes, also allowing my lips a break from anything too heavy or bright, hence the clear lip gloss.

 I used a peachy chestnut toned blusher to enhance the warm tones and give it that spring/summer glow that I’ll be looking to capture in the coming months. Also, I find that blushers that lean towards more dark reds and browns rather than light pinks are perfect for brown skin tones like mine as the colours compliment each other really well.


Although it’s not worthy of the red carpet as yet I have to be completely honest and say I am very proud of my eyebrows. I have to say it is so much more difficult than I’m sure the majority of the world believes it to be, I definitely struggled and that was not the most exciting thing to happen to a manic perfectionist like myself. However, I prevailed and I’m sure with a little more practise I can master the art of Brow Defining!

Being the kind soul that I am, I’ve copied 3 of the best Youtube links that I used to help me get the hang of using eyebrow pencils and how to really perfect the technique so you can all have a go!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLTAKxv07B8 – Probably The Best Choice, Woman’s Very Experienced

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xmierbr4C0&feature=related – Easy to follow

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5yGjWpVM8s&feature=related – Very Detailed

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