The Look Show

Friday was the date of the infamous LOOK show and thanks to the wonderful people at Mission PR I was allocated a ticket to blog about the event. As I was travelling alone from humble Nottingham into the depths of London I was slightly worried that I may get lost or kidnapped by scary Londoners having a bad day, but once I found my way and got my bearings I have to admit I was totally fine.

So enough of these lame ‘in-transit’ photos lets get down to the nitty gritty, lets get down to the look show! It was great atmosphere, and although I travelled alone I met some lovely people on the way! One thing that suprised me was the fact that although the whole place was buzzing with celebrities hob nobbing and enjoying the free champagne like the rest of us, there wasn’t any divide…you know, us and them? Nothing like that, just people, in a room, having a great time and I loved it. I could walk past Emma Willis or Olivia Palermo and not even realise it was them, no crazed obsessive fans ambushing them in the toilets or anything, I’m sure for them, it was just as great an experience. The venue was huge and had some really exciting activities, a photobooth which had queues that continued to put me off so I never got any taken and a chocolate fountain equipped with, of course, marshmellows, this was a personal favorite of mine throughout the day as you can imagine. I also continued to indulge in the most amazing butternut squash samosas EVER I couldn’t get enough, I swear after a while the waiting staff with the trays of samosas were, after a while, beginning to avoid me out of fear of me lunging for them at first sight! After the champagne reception the fashion show began and as a high-street junkie myself it was amazing to see all the new Spring/Summer collections from all my favorite shops being showcased right there in front of me. From exotic jungle fever to cool colour blocking, every concept was more exciting than the last, it would seem that along with the live performances from Jay-Z’s protajay, Alexis Jordan and Sunday Girl that Editor of LOOk, Ali Hall had truly outdone herself.


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