What you know ’bout Riding Pants?

Buying these Village Green Riding pants from American Apparel was possibly the most impulsive and amazing buy yet. The material is so thick that any material you tuck into it is practically invisible beneath it, which is great for those of us who love everything ‘High-Waisted’ *cough**cough* me and the colour looks dynamic with fresh whites and pastel colours/shades. I also love my new silk blouse from Blue Rinse at Miss Selfridge, it’s light, airy and goes so well with any and everything I own, whether its ankle-grazing jeans or a girly puffball skirt, it just … works. Buying a white blouse, as expensive as some of them may be isn’t actually just a buy, in all honesty it’s an investment and one that every fashionable human being should really have. Although I do understand I live in a country with probably the coldest winter in history, for those who don’t know it’s England I’m talking about, today was such a beautiful day that the spring mac I bought last week from Miss Selfridge, which you all have yet to see, was really only needed to line the back seat of my mums car.

Riding Pants – American Apparel – £64

(Vintage) White Silk Blouse – Blue Rinse at Miss Selfridge – £35

Nude Ballet Pumps – £16 – Topshop

Cross and Keys Chain – £9.00 – College Girl Fashion http://bit.ly/iIlNZp

Bunny Rabbit Ring – 4.00 – College Girl Fashion http://bit.ly/ltsfnp

Gold Eiffel Tower Studs – 4.00 – College Girl Fashion http://bit.ly/k4QcXL

3 Responses to “What you know ’bout Riding Pants?”
  1. Love them! Not your average colour either, goes lovely with the buttery yellow shoes. xx

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