Pretty Pastels

I recently bought this beautiful maxi skirt from American Apparel and had to show it off to the world! It’s so elegant and delicate and is literally now my all time favorite item at the moment. The great thing about maxi’s is that they look great with military boots, or just average flat boots, maybe some rock-chic Doc Martins would look great with this skirt, and they also look amazing and glamorous with heels and/or wedges. It’s a win win situation when it comes to maxis! I’m also crazy about soft, gentle tones and hues of colours, like the ones in this outfit. Yes, dark maroons or emeralds do get the juices flowing every now and again but as a rule I keep most of my wardrobe strictly pastel or nude as the colours go with any and everything and just always look so etherial and feminine when the colours are softer.

Blouse – Topshop – £35

Skirt – American Apparel – £52

Chains – Topshop – £10 and £15

Earrings – H&M – £1.99

Red Nail Polish – Topshop – £5

Black Military Boots – Garage Shoes – £25


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