Another Day, Another Outfit

As it may have dawned on you I have a ridiculous and highly infectious love of  Topshop fashion and it seems never-ending as I pull together an outfit that could easily have come straight off an in-store mannequin…how sad! Seeing as it has been so long since my last post in general never mind an outfit post due to being so, so busy, and considering the lovely day we had, I thought it fitting to use my brand new Cannon PowerShot SX30 is for those who are interested to take some shots of some new items that I love so dearly.

So what you see here is new skirt and top both from Topshop. The sleeveless top is the lightest, softest material and the print is a beautiful faded snake-skin which is reminiscent of many of the pieces in Snake Valley, which I also love, it retails at  £25. The mini skirt, also a Topshop buy is £35 and in the Petite range, I found it also perfect for tucking just about anything in for that coveted high-waisted look so many of us live for! My tights are just plain opaque tights from Primark, a pack of 3 for £3 and I believe and my amazingly high, yet, surprisingly comfortable wedge,s were £30 from Garage shoes. My thin tan belt came with some cream cropped trousers I bought from Dorothy Perkins last week but, after piercing in a few extra holes, I was able to use it as an extremely useful tool to keep the skirt up and firmly hold it around my waist. I’m shockingly wearing no rings in these snaps…not like me, however my lovely tiered gold necklace is from a concession whose name I can’t seem to remember, in the Topshop in Leicester High-Cross shopping centre. Although I managed to catch it in a sale for something silly like £4.50 the actual price was £15, the added bonus was that the necklace wasn’t even in stock in the Nottingham store so I was doubly lucky… I can’t stress enough how much it pays to shop around! Finally, the oversized golden balls sitting comfortably in my lobes are from H&M as part of a pack and in typical H&M style retails at about £1.99 if I remember correctly. My favorite aspect of this outfit is the different variations of warm camels, browns and golds which I find to be perfect colours to play with as we move out of winter and into spring.


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