Girl Meets Dress

Have you ever tried to find that perfect outfit to wear to a special occasion but tire of the same old high-street wardrobe? Those stiletto Topshop heels with that demure Monsoon gown always look lovely but surely there has to be a way to have a little luxury in your life?

Luckily for us, there is a way for you to dress in the most beautiful designer gowns from Ruth Tarvydas to Herve Ledger and for a price that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket! Girl Meets Dress is the newest way to wear the garments you never thought you could for prices you can actually afford, and the best part is how easy it all is. First, simply delve into over 100 different designer brands from the likes of Temperley, Marc Jacobs and many more, then, select up to 3 favourites to try on before the occasion and the number of nights you’d like to keep them. After scheduling your preferred delivery date, expect your dresses where you want them to arrive whether at home or even at work! This amazing company was thankfully launched by Co-founders Anna Bance, and Xavier de Lecaros-Aquise almost 2 years ago who, after being inspired by the lending and borrowing that constantly goes on behind the scenes in the fashion industry, decided to offer this useful service to the public. To find out more about this wonderful website and begin your search for that one-in-a-million dress go to, and let the fashion frenzy begin!

Heres a sneek peek at some of Girl Meets Dress’ newest additions:

Malene Birger _ Ophia Dress



Schumacher – Detailed Stripe Dress

Butter by Nadia – Satin Dress



Halston Heritage – Slide Drape Dress


Butter by Nadia – Satin Gown


Isabel Marant – Elastic Lace Dress

Butter by Nadia – Jersey Dress


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