LCF student learns more than just fashion…

A London College of Fashion student from East London cheated fashion brand Louis Vuitton whom she worked for, out of £66, 844 in menswear and gift vouchers but has luckily been spared jail by a kind-hearted judge who felt that finishing her studies would be in the students best interests. 25-year-old Marta Praszkowska was employed to run the designer brands concession in Knightsbridge, London and although she had been earning £30,000 plus a bonus, she still managed to be found guilty for four counts of fraud. The Judge claimed Praszkowska “clearly wanted more” and that it was a “difficult balancing act” when deciding on her sentence due to her studies. Luckily for the LCF student the Judge claimed, “There is good sense in you completing your academic career” allowing her to finish her degree.

When I first found out about this story I was so shocked. Other than the fact that this woman has been accepted into a prestigious creative arts university that so many fight tooth and nail to get into, she was also working for one of the biggest fashion houses in the world, earning over 30,000 including bonuses, it just seems so unjustified that she could feel so entitled to more.  Greed is a terrible thing, especially when it jeopardises important things in a person’s life such as a job or a degree, if it wasn’t for the mercy of the Judge, Miss Praszkowska would be sporting the popular Tangerine trend for the next 12 months…


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