The Look Show

Friday was the date of the infamous LOOK show and thanks to the wonderful people at Mission PR I was allocated a ticket to blog about the event. As I was travelling alone from humble Nottingham into the depths of London I was slightly worried that I may get lost or kidnapped by scary Londoners having a … Continue reading

20% OFF College Girl Fashion, Limited Time Only…

As it’s Friday and the weekend draws near I thought the best way to celebrate the end of the week, besides ‘Getting Down’ (Rebecca Black reference) was to initiate a sale to get the fashion juices flowing. For a limited time only College Girl Fashion offers you 20% off  ALL stock on the website. All you have to … Continue reading

What you know ’bout Riding Pants?

Buying these Village Green Riding pants from American Apparel was possibly the most impulsive and amazing buy yet. The material is so thick that any material you tuck into it is practically invisible beneath it, which is great for those of us who love everything ‘High-Waisted’ *cough**cough* me and the colour looks dynamic with fresh whites … Continue reading

MAC Makeover

Around this time last year I had my first ever MAC makeover and it was a really amazing experience for me. Not only was I told the perfect shades, colours and tones for my face but they gave me a flawless makeover in the process costing me only £25. The best thing about that low … Continue reading

Pretty Pastels

I recently bought this beautiful maxi skirt from American Apparel and had to show it off to the world! It’s so elegant and delicate and is literally now my all time favorite item at the moment. The great thing about maxi’s is that they look great with military boots, or just average flat boots, maybe some … Continue reading

Another Day, Another Outfit

As it may have dawned on you I have a ridiculous and highly infectious love of  Topshop fashion and it seems never-ending as I pull together an outfit that could easily have come straight off an in-store mannequin…how sad! Seeing as it has been so long since my last post in general never mind an outfit … Continue reading

Girl Meets Dress

Have you ever tried to find that perfect outfit to wear to a special occasion but tire of the same old high-street wardrobe? Those stiletto Topshop heels with that demure Monsoon gown always look lovely but surely there has to be a way to have a little luxury in your life? Luckily for us, there is … Continue reading

LCF student learns more than just fashion…

A London College of Fashion student from East London cheated fashion brand Louis Vuitton whom she worked for, out of £66, 844 in menswear and gift vouchers but has luckily been spared jail by a kind-hearted judge who felt that finishing her studies would be in the students best interests. 25-year-old Marta Praszkowska was employed to run … Continue reading