Topshop Does Home? Mini Hairstraigteners – Review

The other day I was having a general talk with a friend about general air-headed topics, Topshop, Kim Kardashian…Khloe Kardashian, you know the types, and she asked me a really valid question. Why do Topshop¬†do hair straighteners, surely they’d be crap? To which I hastily replied, actually no, they’re great! It was weird as this … Continue reading


We all love to be¬†a part of something charitable, something that won’t only affect our lives but will affect the lives of millions of others that are less fortunate than ourselves. So when I came across the KISS IT BETTER appeal via a much appreciated tweet from¬†the ELLE Beauty Team,¬†I was really excited to promote … Continue reading

Interview with Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit

There are those blogs that really make a difference in the blogging community and have an unignorably¬†huge presence on the internet. They inspire and influence people’s fashion choices and educate their readers about fashion in their own personal ways. A blog that stood out for me was The Haute Pursuit. Not only does she have … Continue reading

Keep It Classy…

Image courtesy of As Valentines Day fast approaches there are several things on everybody’s minds. Which LBD to wear on your romantic evening, which fancy¬†restaurant to book for you and your other half¬†and it would seem the new craze would be what designer brand of condom to buy? Whilst scouting the blogosphere for entertaining … Continue reading

Designers Against AIDS

Designers Against AIDS was launched by non-profit organization ‘Beauty Without Irony’ in 2004. Their goal then and now is to heighten¬†mainly young people’s¬†awareness¬†of AIDS through the use of various elements such as music, arts and fashion and has been a growing success ever since. Although the project¬†originally developed from Belgium, it has an international following … Continue reading