Topshop Does Home? Mini Hairstraigteners – Review

The other day I was having a general talk with a friend about general air-headed topics, Topshop, Kim Kardashian…Khloe Kardashian, you know the types, and she asked me a really valid question. Why do Topshop do hair straighteners, surely they’d be crap? To which I hastily replied, actually no, they’re great! It was weird as this … Continue reading


We all love to be a part of something charitable, something that won’t only affect our lives but will affect the lives of millions of others that are less fortunate than ourselves. So when I came across the KISS IT BETTER appeal via a much appreciated tweet from the ELLE Beauty Team, I was really excited to promote … Continue reading

Interview with Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit

There are those blogs that really make a difference in the blogging community and have an unignorably huge presence on the internet. They inspire and influence people’s fashion choices and educate their readers about fashion in their own personal ways. A blog that stood out for me was The Haute Pursuit. Not only does she have … Continue reading

Keep It Classy…

Image courtesy of As Valentines Day fast approaches there are several things on everybody’s minds. Which LBD to wear on your romantic evening, which fancy restaurant to book for you and your other half and it would seem the new craze would be what designer brand of condom to buy? Whilst scouting the blogosphere for entertaining … Continue reading

Designers Against AIDS

Designers Against AIDS was launched by non-profit organization ‘Beauty Without Irony’ in 2004. Their goal then and now is to heighten mainly young people’s awareness of AIDS through the use of various elements such as music, arts and fashion and has been a growing success ever since. Although the project originally developed from Belgium, it has an international following … Continue reading