Palazzo Pants!

Today I woke up bright and early ready for a potentially long day at church, a concept still new to me and couldn’t figure out what to wear. I thought that I should go with the natural order of things and use my prior knowledge of black comedies and the GOD channel to put together the perfect church outfit but when I spotted these silky flared wonders I couldn’t help but shake things up a little. My mum is the actual owner of these beautiful Palazzo Pants, as much as I persist that they truly belong to me and at the time she was looking for something ‘wow’ to wear, I can’t remember what for. She scouted around in Topshop’s sale for a substantial amount of time before stumbling across these beauties for £15 from about £35 if my memory serves true. It was from then that I fell in love with them just as much as she did and was biding my time until finally, today, I wore them for myself. Although I’d seen her in them a few times before today, and they looked lovely, they looked strangley different on me, which is really what I was hoping for. I pulled them up a little higher above the waist than she does, almost everything she wears sits on her hips, and held them up with a thin camel belt I stole from one of her summer dresses. Granted, due to the soft, silky material of the trousers the belt could only hold up so much and the back continued to slide far beneath the belt throughout the day but I have to say after a little tweaking and fixing, I was able to use the back of my shirt to successfully hide the malfunction. I wore it with a fresh white shirt from Wallis that was bought a long time ago but I believe it was about £10 and some open toe heels that I my lovely boyfriend bought for me from Dorothy Perkins in the sale, they were originally about £40 but they were reduced to £15, which I’m sure he was thrilled about! I paired my white shirt with a fur gilet from Bay or as some call it Bay Trading…a very old shop that’s closed down now which I’m sure you can imagine means I can’t remember the price and wore jewellery all bought from Topshop. I know they aren’t clear but my necklace was £14.00, my ring was £12.50 and so were my earrings. Also, before I forget, my camel clutch was an old River Island Sale buy so it cost me around £10, which is very cheap for a River Island bag as I’m sure you know. I can’t wait to throw these Pants on again, not only do I love them but after today it would seem everybody else does too!


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