The Blake

It would seem that being an ever popular Gossip Girl, befriending the most powerful members of the fashion industry and being a pretty big deal in fashion herself isn’t enough for Blake Lively. As her apparent close relationship with high-end footwear designer Christian Louboutin continues to grow from strength to cursed strength Blake Lively has now topped the Luck-o-Meter with the newest member of the coveted Louboutin family… The Blake. This idea was first conjured up when Lively met up with Louboutin in Paris whilst she was on set for GG and went for a private tour of his atelier where she became besotted with a pair of strappy heels, yet to be finished. This then made Christian so thrilled that he went on to name these colourful backless heels after Miss Lively, thereafter beginning the legacy of ‘The Blake’!


Christian Louboutin himself holding the infamous ‘Blake’ shoe, images courtesy of Shoerazzi .






Blake talks excitedly about her experience in Paris, skip to 1.11 for the necessary part of the interview!


One Response to “The Blake”
  1. Ioana says:

    you’re right, she’s becoming an it-girl in fashion, after already being one in the celebrity world! I mean I’d already thought so when I heard she’s going to be a face for Chanel, but now this? what’s going to be next?

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