Topshop Does Home? Mini Hairstraigteners – Review

The other day I was having a general talk with a friend about general air-headed topics, Topshop, Kim Kardashian…Khloe Kardashian, you know the types, and she asked me a really valid question. Why do Topshop do hair straighteners, surely they’d be crap? To which I hastily replied, actually no, they’re great! It was weird as this would usually be one of those situations where we both have an hour-long rant about something we really know very little about, but luckily I had purchased the Leopard Mini Hair Straightners on an impulse by for my mum whilst shopping in Topshop in the Leicesters High-Cross. Although they don’t have millions of little switches to gauge the heat levels, it’s pretty much just on and off, when it is on the heat is perfect and I mean truly, you couldn’t possibly expect more from a ‘Mini’ straightener, costing £12 that are really on meant for travel use anyway. Due to my mums affliction with halle berry’s short hair, she needed tiny straightners to keep her hair looking straight and really catch the little hairs larger straightners wouldn’t be able to get. The straighteners actually came down to about £9 due to my coveted employee discount so really they were super super cheap! What I also had to add to the debate was the amount I loved the little case it came in!! Not to sound silly but that little matching leopard print case sealed the deal for me. It’s cute, compact and looks so cool in the little box they come in, I can guarantee they knew the effect the prints would have on me and made the packing see-through to entice me from across the floor…eitherway, they’re great and as it stands have yet to display flaw!


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