Keep It Classy…

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As Valentines Day fast approaches there are several things on everybody’s minds. Which LBD to wear on your romantic evening, which fancy restaurant to book for you and your other half and it would seem the new craze would be what designer brand of condom to buy? Whilst scouting the blogosphere for entertaining trivia and news I stumbled across Omg Blog where I discovered the wonders that are Chanel condoms! Yes, you heard me right. Apparently these stylish slip-ons retail at about $279 for a pack of twelve, about £179 for those who like me are mathematically challenged. However, according to Refinery 29  these fashion forward condoms are just a hoax, and claimed that Chanel’s Soho Store did not stock them which bursts a huge hole in my bubble! I mean, to be honest, I don’t know about you but I can’t say I’d realistically be running to my nearest Chanel store to grab a pack of almost £200 condoms unless they were to mount on my mantlepiece!



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