Never seen a girl like you before…

I love when you’ve  been blogging for a while and you have that feeling that you now know your way around the fashion world, that your experience of fashion is vast and wide and your beginning to think you’ve seen it all, and then you come across something as wildly sexual and Hollywood’esque’ as this and it just blows all your other preconceptions about the industry completely out the water. Charlie Le Mindu exposed his highly controversial S/S 2011 collection at London Fashion Week 2010, which I feel I should note is not for the light-hearted. He contrasts playful candy coloured head pieces with textured leopard prints and daringly cut swimwear with what appears to be several majestic looking  headlights hiding some of the girls’ vital areas. HOWEVER, there were a few models that took to the catwalk leaving very little to the imagination as I assume as you scroll mindlessly down the page you will soon see.

I have to say I do applaud this collection for being unequivocally different. Sitting front row at a Charlie Le Mindu show clearly means more than just fashion, it means atmosphere, adrenaline and art and I for one would be honoured to bear witness to a show that has even an essence of the creative flare that Mindu’s S/S 2011 collection displayed.

Beautifully took photographs courtesy of Amelia’s Magazine


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