Changing Room Confessions

I had a few hours before my shift today and felt that a little retail therapy would help relax me before the stresses of work hit home. I figured it was only fair that I share the secrets of my changing room experience with you all as the pieces I picked up were some of my personal faves and items you may well have seen on the website.

By far my favorite outfit of the day. I spotted a Topshop minion wearing this flannel skirt with a shirt tucked in much like this and I instantly fell in love. The annoying part is that I only just found it today after spending a decent amount of time before scouring the shop for what felt like hours and I really only stumbled upon it when looking for a skirt to try on with my shirt. It’s in the petite section which I’ll admit was a shock to my size 10 system but nonetheless it fit and looked perfect with this absolutely amazing mint tab button shirt which I couldn’t help myself from buying. The skirt retailed at  £35 and the shirt at £33 but with the joys of my Staff discount, (25%), I managed to get it cheaper!

This dress looked lovely on the website but when I had it on there wasn’t a feeling of ‘me’ present, it just felt like I was a mannequin in a dress, nothing special and for the price, £32, I was admittedly expecting it to look or fit a little more ‘wow’. Well made, simple design but not particularly exciting in any way, and not everything has to be, it’s just my personal preference to look a little different with my fashion. Whether its loud and in-your-face or even minimalist but in a dynamic way, say for instance wearing all white to a fancy do where everyone else is wearing black, it’s just the way I like to dress. Also, as we come up to spring/summer, as I have been raving on about, we will be drowning in colour so this dress just doesn’t make the cut in my opinion.

And last but not least is the  outfit I began and ended the day in. I bought both blouse and skirt new last week for my work uniform and the belt is just an oldie that I found in the wonder that is ‘Mum’s Room’ (my mother’s bedroom). I love this cream silk blouse, it was £29.50 full price and its loose, soft and looks good with high-wasted skirts of most colours and jeans, shorts and trousers of any. My only concern, which I had to discover the hard way whilst working, is the annoying tendency I have to randomly itch or touch my made up face and then miraculously notice an itch on my upper thigh or my arm at the same time…  The result, vintage pink Rimmel on my sleeve and true-match foundation on my skirt and they are both very light coloured items so once the damage is done, there’s no escaping it. I suppose it’s the small price you must pay to look fashion-worthy, and to be honest, to avoid this catastrophe in the near future I should just adopt a more aware outlook on life and notice when I’m wiping my makeup mindlessly onto my garments. It would seem that nowadays with college, blogging, work and general living, I have much too much on my plate to notice anything in any form of real depth, especially clumsy fashion faux pas’ such as this!


2 Responses to “Changing Room Confessions”
  1. My favourite is the blouse that forms part of your work outfit, but the skirt and top that you show at the beginning looks the best on you (IMO).
    I think you are right about the dotted dress. It is a cute garment, but somehow you look unfinished.

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