France has produced many things over the years, good wine, nice food and frizzy-haired model, Noémie Lenoir, who always used to get the pulses racing watching Marks and Spencers adverts but I now believe one of the best things to come out of France has to be Christian Louboutin, the major fashion designer and these babies are why.

Possibly the most stunning trainers I have ever seen. Spring/Summer 2011 doesn’t just bring colour it brings edgy fashion to life, gold and metallic studs, black leather-like exterior, everything a trainer needs to be officially ‘cool’ and undoubtedly stlyish. I will admit I do have a yearning to buy these beautiful creations, but other than the fact that they’d be wildy expensive, as most things are nowadays, sadly they’re for men and men only! Regardless, I’m too impressed to feel anything but intruige as I can’t get over how versatile these designers are. Limitation is a word designers fail to understand, whether its couture for Paris runways or dynamic sneakers for a crazy night out, they pour their everything into all possible opportunities to design and I’m sorry but it has to be said, Nike and aaaalll you other trainer brands out their have nothing , I repeat, nothing, on these badboys! Sorry!

(personal favourties)


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