New Year, New Start, New MindSet!

Sometimes it’s difficult to be seen amongst millions of faces and you feel down, lost and suppressed. Well its time for a new start and new ways of thinking and what better way to begin than with addressing some issues many of us, especially those trying to break into the industry are dealing with alone everyday, being a nobody and becoming a somebody. A common topic untouched by so many.

So, what is a nobody? Does anybody truly know? I know that for most of us, the word evokes negative thoughts. It induces dim images of nameless drunks, reckless youths fighting for everything but working for nothing and it would seem that even the ambitious entrepreneur selling whatever he can on the street corner seems far, far beneath us. However, take a much-needed step back as I did and realize that being a nobody bares no resemblance to being a nothing as so many shamefully believe.

To be a nobody is to be fresh and new. The word connotes so much unlimited potential and allows hope to unravel within us, lighting up our futures and flooding our dreams. A nobody finds themselves in a position where everything is still exciting, their talents untouched by the millions of consumers and their work not mindlessly exploited by those who care for money and not art. I truly believe that to be a nobody is to be an original, something we should all aspire to be.

Being a nobody keeps even the best of us humbled, our feet firmly planted on shaky ground and provides us with the constant drive that forces us to keep pushing and striving when nothing else will. When we are put on a pedestal, spotlight upon us and a million eyes waiting for our next move, hanging mindlessly on every word, modesty is almost always put on the back-burner, a natural effect of being a somebody. But, when you are truly alone with your thoughts and you feel free enough to do whatever, be whatever and say whatever, the outcome will always be a true reflection of your inner creativity and this is a luxury a nobody is gifted with.

‘nobody’ that we all love to hide and deny and take a moment to really understand the meaning to be something positive and inspirational as I believe it to be, then who’s to say we can’t actually be a somebody in our own right. No label can define one person, so those of you who begin this year undiscovered, unknown, drowning in the shadow of celebrities and legends, feel proud of your exclusivity and be ready for whatever opportunities come your way, because to be exclusive in our copycat society is already a commendable achievement in itself.


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