Fashion 101 – Tartan meets Quilted

My favorite skirt paired with my newest boots and a splash of Topshop, what more could I possibly want out of an outfit. I’m a fan of maroons, rouges and general shades of red and am completely in love with this skirt. I bought it almost 2 years ago from French Connection, my then place of work, for what I believe to be around £40… understandably the exact price fails me now and have been besotted ever since. Strangely enough I only really wear this skirt every few months, regardless of pining for it every other day, but that I figured that way, it feels as new and fresh as the day I bought it every time I choose to wear it and. Great tactic. The top is pretty basic but fits loosely which I love and looks great with just about any and everything high-waisted. It’s from Topshop for £10 if I remember correctly, very popular amongst the youths in Nottingham. However, not many have bought it in this colour…my favorite colour, which again makes me feel that little bit different when up against all the crazed Topshop buyers walking around in the same top as me! Finally my boots, my black shiny quilted wonders that seem to be able to withstand wind, rain and sun with ease are my honestly my new pride and joy. Last week someone used the term, ‘Chanel-esque’ to describe them, possibly the highlight of my week…anyway, they cost me around £40 from a shop in Nottingham called Miss Diva but for the style, design and quality, I think, they’re worth every penny.

One Response to “Fashion 101 – Tartan meets Quilted”
  1. Marsha B. says:

    Nice style girlie! Visit me please:
    ooo, i voted for u!

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