Ghastly Golden Globe Moments

Their were many a moment where I just couldn’t cope with the fashion on the red carpet at the Golden Globes this year and just felt that with the millions of dollars, or pounds, these big time stars and celebs churn out that somebody could have paid for some DECENT style advise. However, we have all been there and have looked back thinking ‘never again’, so I’m not here to judge, I’m here to help these specific individuals see their pitfalls and hopefully avoid making the same mistakes again!

Regardless of the fact that she looks ‘unhealthily slender’ shall we say, she’s trying a little too hard to be sexy with that predictable high slit in the dress, Megan Fox’s dress is boring, the colour doesn’t compliment her shape or tone in any special way and the design on the chest is a little too ‘shiny, pink and glitter’ for my liking.

I am a huge fan of Sandra Bullocks usual demure style, wavy hair and dry yet enjoyable humour. However, this new hair cut is not right for her face, it seems to enclose around her cheeks a bit too much and the fringe totally eclipses most of her face, inevitably shadowing her subtle facial features. The dress has a bit too much ruffling on the torso and the glitter-lace combination looks quite cheap in my opinion and bit too ‘fairy-like. She could have done much better.

 This is all wrong in every sense of the word. Satin rarely ever looks good in my opinion, so when I came across this hot coral pink crumpled mess of material wrapped around, clearly confused, Sofia Vergara, it was a real shock to my system. The colour isn’t truly the worst choice in the world, but only when coupled with a LESS  in-your-face design and a completley different material.



As much as I love her as an actress and applaud her on winning Best Actress for Black Swan AND her new pregnancy, I must disagree with some of the comments I heard implying this dress was anything less than awful. I have seen some frumpy dresses in my time but this one has really past it’s sell-by date, Portman looks a little too aged for her time and could do with a much younger, fresher style to reflect her bubbly personality.



I have nothing positive to say about this dress, because quite frankly, there isn’t anything positive about it. It’s an ugly colour that does nothing for Juliennes pale complexion and as I said before, satin very rarely looks good on anyone, especially when it’s off the shoulder and has what seems to be a deflated balloon-shaped sleeve laying awkwardly on her shoulder.

Better luck next time ladies!


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