New Winter Maxi

Dorothy Perkins has done me proud this passing season with an array of knitwear sale from which this long, deep green maxi was discovered. It caught my attention whilst I was clearing…browsing, the sale rail on my shift and I’m so glad I picked it up when I did, and for over half the price. … Continue reading

Designers of S/S 2011 – Jil Sander

After blogging about supermodel and fashion icon Chanel Iman in this February’s 2011 ELLE issue, I discovered a sudden interest in delving deeper into the world, work and designs of Jil Sander. Her ideas are inspiring to designers, writers, painters and every other form creative mind there is, as her colorful yet minimalist designs inspire the potential to … Continue reading

Ghastly Golden Globe Moments

Their were many a moment where I just couldn’t cope with the fashion on the red carpet at the Golden Globes this year and just felt that with the millions of dollars, or pounds, these big time stars and celebs churn out that somebody could have paid for some DECENT style advise. However, we have all been there and … Continue reading

Gushing at the Golden Globes – Best Dressed

This years Golden Globes was slightly disappointing in regards to most of the embarassing fashion blunders revealed on the red carpet. However, in the midst of all those fashion faux pas’ stood those who failed to lose themselves in garish ruffles and crumpled satin and came out on top looking stunning and well put together as we all love to see.  Best … Continue reading