Jeffery Campbell I Love You.

Whilst analysing the elegant glamour of Fashion Toast’s blog posts my eyes wandered randomly onto an ad for NASTY GAL, which it has done many a time. On this occasion whilst scouting NASTY GAL for something exciting and new to buy, I was drawn to a small cropped image of a Jeffery Campbell wedged shoe and couldn’t resist the temptation for a quick rummage through other potentially stunning creations he’d made. I was so happy I did. Campbell’s designs are edgy, futuristic and not so crazy that you couldn’t wear them here in the  real world. I several shoes that I would happily wear to a fancy do or even go out to a party or nightclub in, if only I was so lucky. Although the prices aren’t outrageous and definitely do-able, I won’t yet feel comfortable spending 100’s on a shoe until I’m making almost 3 times that much in about a week, trust me, I’ve done the math. However, there is no reason I cannot treat myself every now and then to a token designer item and I can tell you now, I have already begun to count my pennies.



Recognise these babies? Rumi Neely has a pair and wears them frequently on her posts.


Loving this wedges want to defy the laws of science.


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