Westwick gets Bazaar

Whilst scouting the internet for interesting, inspiring information and imagery I came across what I would describe as raunchy, riveting and a little bit random. Super Mega-Model Helena Christensen and Gossip Girl‘s much-loved rebel Ed Westwick, came together in this intimate editorial for Harper’s Bazaars The Gossip Graduate. Not only do I for some reason have this unexplainable liking for the Title of this editorial but I am genuinely intrigued by Christensens ability to skip right past ‘hoochie’ and straight into glamorous, in mere hold-ups and a silk shirt. Another thing that I appreciated was the fact that this editorial has managed to avoid this irritating inevitability that when you hear the words ‘raunchy’ and ‘editorial’ in the same sentence, you know that you’ll be exposed to the most concentrated  form of nudity, sex and on frequent occasions bondage physically possible without authorities being alerted, and whilst that raw sex appeal can sometimes inspire creativity and evoke ideas of sensuality, adrenalin and excitement, for the most part it just ends up looking a little too dirty and making readers, (me), feel a little awkward. Christensen and Westwick were both seductive and enticing with all of their clothes still cloaking their vitals SCANDAL, and the best part is that these clothes were in my opinion extremley stylish and made them both look…visually appealing to the masses, (again, me).

Photo’s Taken From www.harpersbazaar.com

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