Style Star – Blake Lively

Blake Lively has a young, vivid and bold sense of fashion that always works…even when at times I feel as if it probably shouldn’t, or wouldn’t on me! What I love about Blake’s fashion is that she is consistent, I rarely catch miss Lively gracing the ‘Uh Oh’ page of Heat or the ‘What Was She Thinking’ section of fashion blogs across the internet and I applaud her for that as so many of us, including myself, do unfortunately get it wrong sometimes. I always see the essence of her bubbly personality in her vibrant bodycons, glamorous gowns and even in her casual-chic everyday outfits which I think is difficult to maintain when celebrities are flooded my countless different opinions and ideas from endless stylists, P.A’s and Glamour Teams. I think that Blake’s ability to reflect her impeccable taste in fashion at every red carpet event, after party, award ceremony and street-corner is an inspiration to us to keep us on our fashion-fixed toes and stay on trend at every possible opportunity because although the majority of us don’t possess the luxury to click our fingers and be ambushed by the most influential and creative minds, eyes and hands in the industry, fashion is subjective, it is what we make it and if Blake can do it, so can we.

2 Responses to “Style Star – Blake Lively”
  1. TrendyTreat says:

    Making her the new face of Chanel was the best decision Karl could have made. By the way, great approach, really makes you feel good and positive.

    • college girl says:

      hey, I totally agree, I’ve been contemplating creating a post about that but I thought I’d go towards the direction of her individual style before discussing the other exciting aspects of her life 🙂 and thanks, it’s genuinely how I feel, you don’t need millions of people to tell you if something looks good or bad, you can do that all on your own!

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