Birthday Dress!

With my 18th soon approaching I’ve been scouting out dresses that would look WOW for when I go ‘out on the town’. However, I have been slightly disappointed at the small number of dresses that actually give me the fashion butterflies so I figured why not broadcast the ones I do like in the hopes that I can hopefully decide which one to wear…if any at all!

At the moment my favorite is Topshop’s Asymmetric Floral Dress by Rare, a sub-brand sold in Topshop. I normally don’t really go for the sub-brands as they usually don’t have the flare and the unique look that I usually go for. However, this one shoulder print dress really appeals to my girly side and I can picture me in some quite high rose-pink or coffee cream courts, maybe with a peeptoe which would compliment the colours nicely and pick out the colours in the floral prints.


This next dress I just found is elegant, and genuinely pretty. This colour would compliment my skin tone really nicely and I love bright pastel colours so this pale minty blue would be my ideal colour to wear out. I love the sheer cape hanging over it and the bodycon material is useful for keeping everything, tight and compact! I also like the length, I do have a problem with dresses that are a hop, skip and a jump from ‘hoochie’ but I think I could get away with wearing this dress and still avoid looking like I’m showing too much leg. Another plus is that there’s no chance of an unfortunate slip of the cleavage, possibly one of the worst mishap in the history of mis-happenings in my opinion, as there is a wispy shield of chiffon to protect my vitals at all costs.

This dress is the last one I  could find that I actually love. The colour is perfect, pastel as you know is a personal favorite of mine and the high neck and fairly short length is perfect for me as when I go out, I’m not a cleavage type of girl, I’m a leg girl! I have quite lengthy limbs so I tend to concentrate on getting the perfect lengthed dress, not too long and definitely not too short rather than how plunging I can push a plunging neck-line… I think although it’s understated, that’s what makes it so amazing. Dressed up with some bright heels, possibly strapped maybe courts, not entirely sure, I know this dress could look really stunning. Also, with all the competition out there going out, especially when your new to the ‘club scene’, girls tend to lose sight of the fact that showing off all your feminine areas doesn’t leave much to the imagination and lose themselves in high cut hems, belly tops and cleavage hugging dresses but it isn’t necessary when the aim is just to look nice.


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